Create & Verify Your Metacask Account

Social Login

Metacask uses a new concept for managing your Digital Presence. We use a Social Login mechanism to allow you to create and associate your Digital Account with your Social Identity.

For this you will need an email address or a WeChat account. In the future we will add more options as the service expands. What this means is that you no longer need to worry about managing your public and private keys – which would be the case with a traditional Digital Wallet. If you want to back up your keys, this is possible via your settings page.

Once you have selected your Social Login, you must connect using the same login every time to access the same account. If you use a new login (let's say new email address), a new account will be created for you and you will need to verify that account as well.

Digital Ownership

Unlike most other NFT marketplaces or e-commerce sites, Metacask is straddling both. We are an e-commerce site which supports the concept of Digital Ownership. This means you can collect, sell and eventually redeem physical products through their Digital Deeds. We use Non-Fungible Token (NFT) technology to enable Digital Ownership.

When you buy a product, the physical product itself will be held in storage, until the point you request delivery (through Redemption). Your ownership is signified by the Digital Deed which is held in your Digital Account. At any point past the Redeemable By Date on the product, the physical itself can be requested. Once requested, the Digital Deed converts to a Digital Collectible – a traditional NFT which you maybe familiar with it.

We do this to allow you have a Proof-of-Purchase of the product, but there may be other utility the product enables – such as artwork, and you should not lose this.

Identity Verification & KYC

As we are dealing with alcohol-based physical products, these are controlled substances in most jurisdictions. This requires that we ensure we are not selling these products to minors. Even though the ownership is digital, we still have obligations to various authorities to ensure that the owners of the physical products are verified individuals or entities. For example, if you purchase a Cask of Whisky, the warehouse has a duty to report to the Revenue Services who owns or manages the cask.

What this means is that all our smart contracts have to ensure that your Digital Account has been verified to allow you to participate. This verification process does not mean that Metacask collects your Personal Identification Information (PII). We use a third-party verification service to verify your account. This service is provided by Civic Identity (

The verification process is fully automated, unless you are a Chinese customer. For Chinese customers, you must contact us at for a manual verification. The Primary reason for this restriction is the data protection laws in China. Verification is seamless process with Civic using the wizard found in your settings page. Once the verification process is completed, your account will be marked as verified and enabled for functionality such as redemption and sales.