Discover and own the world's most exceptional spirits

A new way to own, collect and trade exceptional spirits, authenticated by blockchain.

What is Metacask?

Super-fast & super-efficient

Metacask is a marketplace where you can buy, collect and sell bottles and casks, instantly. The days of taking weeks through a broker are history.

No certificates, you own it!

You own the Digital Deed, the title, so no middlemen, no brokers, and no opportunities for admin errors, missing assets or duplicate sales!

Multiple ways to pay

We accept regular FIAT currencies like USD, GBP or EUR, so you don’t need to know your Casper from your Ethereum, to buy and own special spirits with Metacask.

How it works

We work with the best distilleries and brands to source unique casks

How it works

All assets are stored securely in bonded facilities

How it works

We link an NFT to each asset, providing provenance and proof of ownership.

How it works

Discover, collect and trade these exceptional spirits.


What is a Digital Deed?

Proofworks has pioneered the concept of using blockchain based non-fungible token (NFTs) technology to build deeds for physical products in the spirits industry. We extend the capability of NFTs to record all available information about a given physical product such that there are no external dependencies (except for media). We use the term Digital Deeds instead of NFTs for these as they are so much more than traditional NFTs.

Can anyone buy a product via Digital Deeds (such as a Cask or Bottle)?

The simple answer is yes - there are no restrictions as the underlying product is considered a property. However, Metacask will verify your details and may conduct Anti-Money Laundering checks to ensure that you are indeed allowed to buy and trade these product. This differentiates Metacask from all other Web3 platforms, but the requirement is necessary as prospective purchasers are owning a physical product which is held in bond.

What does the Digital Deed entitle me to?

The Digital Deed represents your ownership of the physical product. This will replace the certificate of ownership, which are generally issued by brokers, and is at times is used instead of the paper-based Delivery Order required to signify ownership to the storage facility (distillery or warehouse). The proof of ownership certificate is only as reliable as the brokers systems and ability have this available beyond insolvency. A Digital Deed on blockchain provides a verifiable and transparent proof of ownership.

For brands, distilleries and producers

Looking to list a collection, casks or bottles. Or maybe have a special project to collaborate on.

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