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About Metacask

Executive Team

Rob Hollands


Rob is the global CEO of Metacask. He has founded and led high-growth technology companies, from start-up to exit and most recently launched and scaled a leading SaaS IoT platform. He’s led relationships with brands including Diageo, Amex, Nestlé, Pernod Ricard and Estée Lauder Companies.

Nim Siriwardana

CTO & Co-Founder

Nim has over 20 years experience in delivering innovative technology solutions. Most recently he was CTO of GSR, leading the conception and development of their trading platform. He’s a fintech veteran, starting his career at Goldman Sachs and going on to work across leading global financial service organisations.

Andrew Kennard


Andrew has extensive experience implementing financial systems and controls to support high-growth strategies. After qualifying from top accounting firm, BDO, Andrew’s career has spanned high profile clients in the UK and globally. He’s led funding rounds from seed to IPO.

Rick Evans​


Rick has over two decades experience at the intersection of digital, tech and advertising. He’s led marketing for the likes of American Express, Nestlé, Hertz and BP, as well as tech startups Minima and Orbital. Rick co-founded and sold the award-winning digital agency, Untitled.

Kevin Lin

VP Business Development, APAC

Kevin has deep expertise across crypto, fintech & marketplaces and has held global roles at Barclays Capital, Jeffries and Lufax. He's managed fast growth, multi-million P&L’s across regions.


Stuart Thom

Co-founder & Board Member

Stuart co-founded and leads VCL Vintners with a background in both law and commodities trading. He has driven innovation in the whisky cask and alcohol investment space for over 10 years.

Ben Lancaster​

Non-Exec Chairman

Ben is co-founder of VCL Vintners and a rare whisky expert, he spearheads strategic partnership negotiations and manages multi-million-pound private client portfolios.

Rich Rosenblum​

Board Member

Rich is Co-Founder and President of GSR. He is a commodities trader by profession, having spent over a decade in senior positions at Goldman Sachs. He leads strategic initiatives and growth at GSR and is a crypto veteran.

Jane Grier

Non-Exec Director

Jane has worked in the financial services industry for over 30 years, holding senior management and regulatory positions for Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Barclays and Wells Fargo. A Regulatory Compliance and Financial Crime expert, holding the SMF17 and BSA Officer positions and liaising directly with global regulators.


Juergen Hoebarth​

Tokenization Advisor​

Juergen is a leading expert in decentralized technology, blockchain and tokenization strategies and a veteran of the crypto ecosystem having been involved since 2014.

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Regulated crypto payment provider with support for multiple currencies and wallets.

Metacask is operated by CaskStore LTD in the UK, Company number 13347596 (hereafter referred to as “CaskStore”).

Spirits collectibles are considered property in most jurisdictions (for example the UK for Scotch Casks). CaskStore uses blockchain based Digital Deeds for this property and therefore has no specific restrictions on who is allowed to own and trade these properties (aside from age restrictions). These Digital Deeds are not considered financial instruments and should not be used for speculation, these Digital Deeds represent ownership over collectibles.

Information on this website related to each Digital Deed is under the responsibility of the Broker or Brand that has digitized the Product. Metacask has no obligation to verify the information provided by the issuer of each Digital Deed and declines any responsibility concerning the accuracy of such information. Nor does the Company or any of its representatives make any warranty, express or implied, of any kind whatsoever related to any information on this website or the use of information on this website. By accessing this website and the services provided, you agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

CaskStore does not provide any custody services for Digital Deeds or funds, the custody of digital tokens is the responsibility of the participant and any loss of private keys to digital wallets may require additional services from CaskStore for recovery, for which participant will bear all related costs - please review the Terms of Service carefully.

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